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The goals I have creating websites are the same goals I focused on in my career as a technology consultant. Get rid of clutter, create something clean stylish, functional, and make everything simple to use.



I work to help you, as simple as that. Have you had bad experiences in the past? Call me, my websites are responsive, hand coded and custom tailored to the specifications you need.

Mobile ready

With the rise in mobile devices, you want your website to work on mobile, and now maybe even mobile first. I start here building on the most important data and adding bells and whistles as the site grows to other devices.

easy to use

The power will be in your hands, with a simple interface and all the options you require, and none of the extra clutter, you can update your own site without extended support from me or your “techie nephew”.


I start with a very minimal approach and we only add the features you need, this does two things, it makes the website your own, and it makes the website fast. By not starting with the kitchen-sink you get the website you need with the features you want, and not a lot of extra clutter.


Meet The Team

I work from home with highly trained professionals, and my cats. I do collaborate on my design’s with some of the best designers I know but I primarily work on contract with either in-house, or other freelance professionals.

  • Hammy
    Lazy cat

    Hammy is my accomplice when I need to take a nap or catch up on some TV. She isn’t much help getting a website finished, but she helps me stay distracted, and sometimes thats exactly what you need to finish something or move the project along.

  • Eli Mergel
    Creative Jobname

    Website Developer, Photographer, IT Administration. I love technology. I love helping people find the right technology. Its not a job for me its passion, and my life’s work.

  • Monkey
    hyper cat

    Monkey, makes me get up about 20 times a day to let her in or out, or pickup the things she knocks down off any of the various shelves, desks, or counters we have in the house. If it wasn’t for her id probably just sit around all day typing on the keyboard.

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