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Blush Ball Photos online
Posted By Eli Mergel, April 10, 2013, in photography

The blush ball was a great success, I had such a great time most of my photos came out pretty bad. The ones I salvaged can be found on my flickr account. Thanks ladies for throwing such a glorious party, it was truly amazing. It was really dark so I pushed my new camera to the limits some of the photos are pretty grainy and rough around the edges. But I think the essence of the event that I experienced was captured, and that’s all I can try and do.

Anyway click on through to see the full set! thanks.

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I sold my camera gear
Posted By Eli Mergel, April 10, 2013, in photography

Yep, I finally did it. I’m just about Canon free, I have been a Canon shooter for.. well as long as I have been into serious photography. I made money with canon, I sold prints, I’ve been published, and I have won awards with my canon gear and this last week I sold all my canon gear. (well most of it if you want a 50mm 1.4 sigma or a 100mm 2.8 macro let me know) I sold the camera that made these images.

Midtown Facing Downtown



I’ve taken more photos with canon than I have with anything in my life. I have about 23’000 canon photos in just my active Lightroom library alone. I never take or took many photos of my gear, and to my slight amazement, I don’t have any photos of any of my canon gear. I guess its a testament to what I believe about camera’s and gear. It doesn’t matter what you have, you can still take great photos. It isn’t about the toys you have its about how you use them and how you apply yourself, be creative.

So I purchased another camera, just to be clear I’m not in any way going to stop taking photos.


Since I have moved here I have pretty much just shot events, I have like the photo above can prove shot other things. That’s what I’m passionate about. Creating really cool images out of seemingly not much. It’s that one lucky capture created by just looking long and hard enough, and sometimes it just shows up other times you have to search.

So I got myself a new christmas present, and my old gear is going to friends, who I know will have a wonderful christmas with it all. So merry christmas, and I look forward to creating some new images this year.

If anyone is looking to get me any christmas presents, have a look at my amazon wish list. Ill have the things I want under photos here.


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