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Shiny Object
Posted By Eli Mergel, April 10, 2013, in bike, blog, review, product

Portland Design Works Shiny Object is the best addition to my cycle gear since I bought my first multitool.

I have been fixing my own flats since I was a young kid, my father taught me how to change a flat tire when I was young, my interest in bicycles has spiraled out of control since then, I I’ve currently paired my cycling down to 6 bikes, well one is my fiancée’s. Its a passion of mine much like many things I take it to the extreme, in 2003 I rode a downhill mouton bike across the united states, needless to say I love cycling. I have owned many pumps during the years, some that accompanied me through multiple bicycles, and some just lasted a couple weeks or months.

I recently started looking at the CO2 cartridge inflators and I have to say just about none look as nice, clean and as simple as this pump? nozzle? inflater? Whatever you call it, if your in the market check them out. For $25 bux its hard to go wrong. It works as good as it looks and pretty much is about as simple and stylish as it gets.


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